Do You Ever Have Those Days When You Want To "Throw In The Towel"?

Well before you give up and just write things off for the day, check out this video and discover what you can do to take back your power and continue towards your goals and dreams...

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Do you Find yourself in this place of Overwhelm, not even sure where to start?

Look through your things you have and look at them and see which one stands out for you and master it, just like I talked about.

Many of the greatest leaders in the world do this exact thing in there life and business. When there are others things that need to be done they find people who are better then them to accompish that tast and some will take some time to learn it at a latter date. 

So starting Today pick one thing and spend some time each day Mastering it and your life will start to change. 

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Love always Julie Elliott

Are you finding your in the same place as I was?

It's never to late to really pick up and start today.  You are never to young and never to old to persue those you love. 

Check out this amazing video my daughter did who is almost 14 heading into grade 9.

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Julie Elliott 


 When Is The Right Time? 


Hope you have been enjoying July and getting out there and make the most of your days enjoying the sun and warm weather. 

Have you ever asked yourself that question from the Title?
When Is The Right Time? 

I know I have over the years and many time have said when this or that is set then I will do A B or C. 

I have learned that if you wait that time never it never really shows up or things have changed.  Have you noticed that this month just seems to be zipping by at the light speed.  I am shocked that we are almost 1/2 way through july.  

I am looking at the summer going wow there is many thingsI would like to do can I fit them or when summer is over I willget those things done. 

Do you ever go through that or have been thinking that lately? 

This has been very strong on my mind as over the past two weeks my family drove to North Carolina (14 hour drive) to a Convention which was amazing and mind blowing in content and then we drove off to Washington DC for a night which was amazing.  We then came back home and had a surprise party for my parents as it was there 50th Wedding Anniversary then my dad going in for surgery today to remove more cancer.  

This is when I noticed time slipping by very fast, looking back on my parents life and our daughter who will be turning 14 next month and my husbands and I 15th anniversary.  

Maybe you are like me and your saying ok enough is enough it's time to get moving on those goals and dreams and thing I need to get done in my life, before I get to far and look back saying wow were did all the time go.  

Hopefully you are still working on those dreams you have deep within you just dying to come out and become fulfilled. 

Our goal and dream is to help as many people as I can to break free and fulfill there dreams and goals and livea great fun and excitement without financial stress.  

I truly believe if you follow our passions in life this can come true. You can make this happen. If you are ready to make that change and want to join my Husband, daughter and I we would love to share and help you on this journey. 

There is an amazing call tonight at 9pm Eastern Timeto hear about the amazing things we are apart of in oneof the companies we are with. 


 The calls are always an amazing uplifting call no matter what you do in life.  

Stay tuned my husband and I will be holding Webinars coming this week as well as sending you my regular emails on living a passionate life from the things I learn.   

Have an amazing night.  

Love always 

Julie Elliott 

The Fitness Journey Day 2

Woke up this morning rather tired and Lethargic from eating pizza yesterday. 

Yes Big mistake in once but was the motivation for me to say enough is enough and 
set my goal and start my blogging journey for my fitness goals.

I went in this afternoon to do my workout with the trainer. I was really scared thinking 
it was going to be very hard as usually when I eat crap the night before my workouts are very very hard. Not today.

Have you ever had those day when you completely surprise yourself?

Thanks to my wonderful trainer who pushes me past the limits I think I have to 
something so amazing. I had gone up 5 pounds on each of my exercises today 
which blew my mind. 

While I was doing Leg curls I was shocked that was I doing 110 pounds. I really try not to pay attention to the weight when they are doing them, just get them done. I was shocked as I do not think I have ever done more then 60-70 pounds in my life. 

It amazing when you let go of your expectations, ego and judgements what you are able to do. You truly open up a whole new world of possibilities in your life. 

Big Shoot out and congratulations to Edward Elliott (My Husband) who also pushed 
past some of his exercises today as well.

Excited for tomorrow as Abigail starts her First training session.

Is there an area in your life you need to let go of or start to do?

What are you waiting for?

What join me and share you journey

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Love always 

Julie Elliott 

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