Jump In And Just Do It. 

Are you Procrastinating?

Do you spend to much time thinking about things instead of just getting it done? 

I have been there I know what it's like.  I will have to say it's much more exciting to just get out there and do things and learn things then sitting there driving yourself crazy.  

Been there Done that!

Where in your life are you do this?  Start today, Take Action and watch your life start to change. 

Love Always 
Julie Elliott


Are You Mixing Things Up?


Are you feeling stuck and board?

Have you thought about what I did and mixed things up and changed how you do things to where you are working?


From learning from the great minds out there I have really grown to love to Change things up and be open to new ideas and ways of doing things. 

Sometimes changing just one or two things can free up within your life and really make a positive change within your life but also those around you. 

Are you a Parent like me and have a million things to do in your day/week. Why not change it up a little.  This could mean maybe even eliminating some things you do in your day to where you do them, like I did this past weekend.

Why not start today!

Love alway
Julie Elliott

Are you finding it frustrating that things are not going your way?


Are you making a plan of action 
but find to many thing come that 
stop you from accomplishing that list?

That has been me the past three weeks. 
You may have noticed that I am on again 
and off again sending emails out.

Are you like me?  You have a husband and kids 
in my case one daughter and running around with
school work and after school activities that run into
the weekends.

This is my life most if not all of the year.  maybe you 
can relate to having so much do to and what feels
like no time to get it all done.

This is how I was feeling this past week. With just coming 
back from my daughter dance competition in Toronto to 
going to visit my dad in the hospital who just had is Bladder removed 
while we were away.  Yes another added and stress and worry.

This week I have had to catch up on emails, and sorry to 
those I have not responded to.  To washing my daughters costumes 
and making my videos and all the wonderful stuff a parent does
every day.

Do you find yourself running around with your head cut off 
taking care of everyone else?

I found myself in this place as well. I was reminded that 
I must take care of me as well and make taking care of my
a major priority so I can better take care of everyone else. 

I know in the world today they expect you to do everything 
for everyone else all the time. 

This is why I am so passionate about helping YOU and others online
break free and create there own dream and passion in life.  I really start 
to do the things you love instead of that you have to. 

My biggest dream and goal is to help as many people 
as I can find the love for life and accomplish there goals 
and dreams and create financial freedom. 

When it really comes down to it, not having to every worry
about money is a beautiful freeing this. 

I want this for YOU. 

Would you not like to create that in your life and for you family?

If you would like to join my family and learn and grow and share
with others to create an exceptional life click below and join the Journey. 


Love Always 
Julie Elliott 


Have you ever thought about this?

Do you find your having a hard time on things and your challenges.  Start to search yourself and look within your head to see what your thought process is. 

Maybe you are like me and you think to much about things being challenges and have a hard time taking action on your things you know you need to do and work on.  (like my eating habits)

Starting to journal on those things you would like to change up or do better on.  Maybe it's starting something new like a business to getting healthy and fit.

You are Never to Young or Old to start...

I have met so many amazing people from all ages and who have been through things and they have turned off the nose and just did it. They got focused and ran with there passions. 

What can you do to today to START


Love always 

Julie Elliott

Are you asking questions?

How many of you out there are finding yourself getting frustrated and depressed when things are not working they way you hoped, or things keep happening to you?

Are you paying attention to what is going on around you or even to what you are saying to yourself and others? 

Think about what the law of attraction talks about.  What are you attracking into your life.  Are  you talking and focusing on the things you don't want. The universe is a faithful servent, it will give you exactly what you ask for (Good or bad). 

Get out a journal and pay attention to those things when they come up and ask the question to yourself.

What is it about this I am not getting?

What can I learn from this ?

Be still and see what comes to mind or may even show up in your life that could help you.

Find the blessing within and move forward into your greatest life. 

Learn from my past mistakes. Get it the first time or it will keep coming back until you get it.    


Love always
Julie Elliott

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