Are you asking questions?

How many of you out there are finding yourself getting frustrated and depressed when things are not working they way you hoped, or things keep happening to you?

Are you paying attention to what is going on around you or even to what you are saying to yourself and others? 

Think about what the law of attraction talks about.  What are you attracking into your life.  Are  you talking and focusing on the things you don't want. The universe is a faithful servent, it will give you exactly what you ask for (Good or bad). 

Get out a journal and pay attention to those things when they come up and ask the question to yourself.

What is it about this I am not getting?

What can I learn from this ?

Be still and see what comes to mind or may even show up in your life that could help you.

Find the blessing within and move forward into your greatest life. 

Learn from my past mistakes. Get it the first time or it will keep coming back until you get it.    


Love always
Julie Elliott

Do you ever have days you write a blog then it disappears?

This is how my day began. Kind of funny now that I look back it, but very frustrating at the time. 

I started righting about the book I have been reading by Michael Beckwith about Lifevisioning and about being stuck in the past can effect your visualization process and making things happen in your life. 

I wrote out this great blog and then all of a sudden I was logged out of the platform and everything I wrote was gone. I was so frustrated. I thought to myself maybe I was just not meant to right about this book.

I was sharing with my husband about this and he suggested maybe it's testing me to see how badly I want this post about this book. I decided to do a few other things then go back to it.

I started my course and worked on that for a bit then took a shower and started again. I was ready to publish and then logged out again. I could not believe it.  I started to laugh.  Clearly I was not going to be sharing my thoughts on the book. LOL

I realized I had to let go of the attachment to righting about a particular subject.

Do you let those things reck your day when things do not work out the way you wanted to?

I choose not to react to the situation and just move on with my day and do others things. And ask the questions what is it about this I am not getting?

I realized I needed to just move on with my day and share with you about facing challenges, but do not react to them in a negetive way.  Just say okay Next and move on with your day paying attention to what other things that show up in your day. 

I agree it can be hard to do sometimes. I also have my days where I am challenged, but I am quickly learning is not to react and ask question, then move on. 

Please share your thoughts and experiance 


Love always

Julie Elliott




 Do you ever say that to yourself that's it I have had enough? 

 I for sure have those days from time to time. and you know what. It's okay to have those time in your life.  Take some time for yourself when you get to this point and ask yourself the questions.

1. What is it about what is happening that makes me want to quit that I am not getting?

2. Where have a gone off track

3. Who am I surrounding myself with

4. I have picked up... what motives do people have to talk to you.  


So you stopped and went into that place of pity party and poor me.  It's time to get up and get moving again. You have to turn off the noise from others and keep moving.

You are always going to have people try to stir up crap and tell you can't do something, You need to say thank you for sharing and move on. There are always going to be people in your life who have to share there points of view and tell you and others why you can't do something, that is only because they do not believe themselves that things are possible and many think people can't change.  

Just on the other side of this is your breakthrough moments. 

Focus on the Goal the Dream  

I had this happen to me in the past few weeks. I went through the stages and then sat and thought about what was going on and who I need to let go of and be aware of there motives. 

I had to stop and think and get connected to my goals and dreams of getting out there and help you to be able to see the magic within and breakthroughto your greatest self.  

Please share with me your challenges and breakthrough moments you have been having.  

Love always

Julie Elliott

Do You Have A Dream Like This Team Does?

You to can get out there and create amazing things like they did. Start connecting with like minded people who are out there following there dream. You never know we may show up and could change you life.

Why wait till that one day. 

Do you have dream or passion you want to share with the world or find more people who are doing what you would love to do.

Come join us. 

Love Always 

Julie Elliott

What You Are Looking For is Waiting For You

Are you like I was searching for that secret to really live a great life and get out of all the craziness and noise?

I have been there, waiting for that One day is crazy. Start today even if it's baby steps.  Start moving in the direction of your dreams. 

Start Visualizing and feeling what it will be like when you get there.  You know deep down inside you want more and to feel passion about your life and days. 

You may have a story an experiance that people are waiting for you to get out there and share. Come join me in sharing your story and journey into an amazing and rewarding life of passion and abundance. 

Want to grow with us and create that amazing life you have always wanted.

Click here to get started. 

Love always

Julie Elliott

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